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Getting Historical In 2021. Satanic Panic Launches It's 'Wargames Elite' Line

By Satanic Panic, Dec 29 2020 02:52PM

It is with distinct pleasure, that I can now announce that the first historical range from Satanic Panic Miniatures will be Mongols, sculpted by Martin Buck.

Originally these were commissioned by The Emperor’s Little Soldiers but saw very little exposure commercially.

I wanted a Mongol army myself and thus when I could not get hold of the models, I decided to make my Christmas present to myself the purchase of the range, after a brief and very amicable exchange of emails with Barry Lee.

Mongols are an enduring classic and what’s more, they are also mirrored in fantasy literature, thus providing some very suitable human opponents for the Satanic Panic Hobgoblins and Great Gnolls, on the Steppes to the east of the Dark Tower, the dread abode of the Great Wizard.

For my part, I will be using mine as true Mongols for the Swordpoint rules.

Initially range has 31 mounted models with several being split torso for varied posing. There are light and heavy riders as well as unarmored and armoured ponies which allow the armoured riders to be fielded as ‘heavy’ or ‘guard’ cavalry.

Watch this space for pictures, soon.

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